Chemistry I Course Syllabus

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TEXTBOOK: Buthelezi, Thansi, Laurel Dingrando, Nicholas Hainen, Cheryl Wistrom, and Dinah Zike.  Chemistry - Matter and Change.  Columbus, OH: Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 2012.



Lab safety and equipment, first aid procedures

Chapter 1 – Introduction to chemistry
(Overview of chemistry, types of chemistry, scientific method)
TEST:  Chapter 1

Chapter 2 – Analyzing data
(Measurement, SI/metrics, significant figures, scientific notation, dimensional analysis)
TEST:  Chapter 2

Chapter 3 – Matter – properties and changes
(Properties, changes, states, elements, compounds, mixtures)

Chapter 4 – The Structure of the Atom
Chapter 24 –Nuclear chemistry
(Atomic structure, atom history, atomic theory, nuclear reactions, radioactivity)
TEST:  Chapter 4 / 24

Chapter 6 – The Periodic Table and Periodic Law
(Periodic table development and organization, element classification, periodic trends)
TEST:  Chapter 6


Chapter 5 - Electrons in Atoms
(Waves, wave equations, electron configurations)
TEST: Chapter 5

Chapter 7 – Ionic Compounds and Metals
(Ions, ionic bonds, naming and writing formulas for ionic compounds, metallic bonds)
TEST:  Chapter 7

Chapter 8 – Covalent Bonding
(Covalent bonds, naming and writing formulas for covalent compounds, polarity, molecular geometry)
TEST:  Chapter 8



Chapter 9 – Chemical Reactions
(Writing and classifying chemical reactions, balancing equations)
Chapter 16 – Reaction Rates
(Reaction rate factors and laws, mechanisms)
TEST:  Chapter 9 / 16

Chapter 10 – The Mole
(Moles, masses, empirical and molecular formulas, hydrates)
TEST:  Chapter 10

Chapter 11 – Stoichiometry
(Stoichiometric calculations, limiting reactants, percent yield)
TEST:  Chapter 11

Chapter 12 – States of Matter
(Solids, Liquids, Gases, Plasma)
TEST:  Chapter 12


Chapter 13 – Gas Laws
(Gas law calculations, gas law stoichiometry)
TEST:  Chapter 13

Chapter 14 – Mixtures and Solutions
(Mixtures, molarity, solution formation)

Chapter 18 – Acids and Bases
(Acid and base characteristics, pH, neutralization reactions)
TEST:  Chapter 18

Chapter 15 – Energy and Chemical Change
(Energy, heat, enthalpy, spontaneity)

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