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I have used email to communicate with parents and students since 1997.
The Bauck Email Network (B.E.N.) has been in operation since 2000, before school electronic communication became the norm.

Email is a great way to give timely praise, clarification, and general updates.
I mass-email updates once a week, and I reply to respondents as the mail comes in.

Weekly updates are also posted below, but I also email other information which I do not post there, such as science current event articles.

I email EVERY week, usually on Saturdays.
If you think you are on my list but have not received any email, let me know.
If you are not yet a B.E.N. member, email me at BAUCKL@pcsb.org.

School Year 2019-2020
Update 39 (5/29/2020)

Good morning PHU family,

All classes:

         Check your grades in Focus.  Fourth quarter and semester grades are final and have been uploaded in Focus.
         Semester grades were automatically calculated by averaging the two quarter grades and rounding up. 
         The inside jokes of 2019-2020 were sent to the student email addresses today.
         Check these links:
Hurricane Pride - student of the week   http://www.kwanga.net/hurricanepride.html
Chem Contest for "The Title" (class with highest test scores) - http://www.kwanga.net/chem-contest.html  

         Students, your Bauckification is now complete.  Thank you to the students for being unique, interesting, and inspiring people.  Thank you to the parents, guardians, and tutors for their support and care.
         I wrote this as an intern, and I feel the same way today: http://kwanga.net/about-teacher.html

My students taking A.P. Environmental Science next year:
         FYI, there is no summer assignment.  Be ready to begin a new level of Bauckification soon!

Wish list:
         I wish that all of my students have an enjoyable and safe summer.  Email me chem jokes anytime.
         I wish that everyone will remember my passion for education and my appreciation for students.  It's easy to be happy at work when you love what you do. 
         I wish that all of my students find their own inner passion for learning.  What you do with your life is up to you.  Make the most of it.  Make the world a better place because you lived in it.
         I wish all of the graduates of PHUHS a fulfilling future.  Stay in touch. 


A.P. Environmental Science:

         I will have access to your AP exam scores on July 15, two days before you do.  I will email congratulations for passing scores.  http://kwanga.net/apexam.html

         If you have my personal study guide books or flash cards, bring them back to school once we reconvene.

         Have a sustainable future!

APES semester grades:
A = 8
B = 4
C = 3
D = 1
F = 0   

APES fourth quarter grades:
A = 10
B = 2
C = 3
D = 1
F = 0

Chemistry I Honors (periods 1, 2, 3, 5) semester grades:
A = 69 
B = 26 
C = 6  
D =1 
F = 1

Chem IH fourth quarter grades:
A = 65
B = 27
C = 9
D = 2
F = 1

Chemistry I regular (period 4) semester grades:
A = 4
B = 8
C =13
D = 2
F = 0

Chem I fourth quarter grades:
A = 1
B = 13
C = 10
D = 4
F = 1

Yours for Better Education,
Lori Bauck
Palm Harbor University High School
National Board Certified Teacher alumna - AYA Science: Chemistry
"Check and Connect" faculty leader

The VISION of PHUHS is to provide a learning environment that results in a graduation rate of 100% each year.

The MISSION of PHUHS is to educate all students by using effective systems that promote lifelong learning.


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