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Update #36 (5/18/19)

Hello PHUHS family,

To my seniors:
         I will be sending out a class inside jokes recap email as my last email of the school year.  I am so proud of you.  Stay in touch, and “Bauck It Out!”  ?

All classes - textbooks:
         Textbooks are to be returned to Mr. Crowe in textbook room in the back of library.  Our classes are scheduled to go on May 21, but you can return textbooks ahead of time.
         IMPORTANT NOTE:  Missing books will be recorded as outstanding fines.  Seniors, all fines should be paid before graduation.

All classes - grades:
         Check the grade spreadsheet for semester grade information.

All classes - awards
         Full list of Hurricane Pride (student of the week) winners for this school year:  

         Full list of Lab Master winners for this school year:  
         Chemistry highest test average class contest:  

All classes' - grade 9-11 final exam schedule:
Thursday 5/23
period 1 exam – 7:20-10:17
period 2 exam – 10:53-1:50
Friday 5/24
period 3 exam – 7:20-10:17
period 4 exam – 10:53-1:50
Tuesday 5/28
period 5 exam – 7:20-10:17
period 6 exam – 10:53-1:50
Wednesday 5/29
Period 7 exam – 7:20-9:35
shortened period 1-6
early release at 11:50

A.P. Environmental Science:
        The AP exam scores will be released online on July 5.  When you earn a qualifying score, I will email you congratulations!

All chemistry classes:
         Bring your textbook to turn in, if you have not already done so.
         It it too late to turn in the exam review and help card.
         FINAL EXAM INFORMATION: (will be sent again)
         Bauck's exam review: http://kwanga.net/chemnotes/final-exam-review.pdf
         District EOC study guide:
 http://www.kwanga.net/chemnotes/DISTRICT%20CHEM%20EOC%20BLUEPRINT.pdf                     Bauck’s general information about the EOC:
         IMPORTANT - Period 7 chemistry students: your exam period is shorter than the other classes' exam periods.  Any period 7 student may stay an extra 30 minutes to finish the exam.  Please make arrangements with your p. 1 teacher ahead of time, since that is the class period you would be missing.  If you are getting a PTL after the exam that day, please take this into account.  If they approve, I can email him or her verification that you are still working in my class.  

Have a great weekend.  Go Rays!

Yours for Better Education,
Lori Bauck
Palm Harbor University High School
National Board Certified Teacher alumna - AYA Science: Chemistry
Chuld Study Team faculty representative
"Check and Connect" faculty leader
(727) 669-1131  x1302

The VISION of PHUHS is to provide a learning environment that results in a graduation rate of 100% each year.

The MISSION of PHUHS is to educate all students by using effective systems that promote lifelong learning.


         Suggestions for chemistry student success:

  • Use kwanga.net to access course information on a regular basis.
  • Check email each weekend for update, or check the “weekly update” page on kwanga.net.
  • Spend 10 minutes per night reviewing any new material or reviewing old material with no distractions.
  • Print online “teacher notes” in advance, and take “student notes” in class.
  • Use the Unit Scale checkboxes to assess your progress through the content.
  • Practice assignments assigned or begun in class should be finished at home so students can check them with the answer key in a timely manner.  Do not fall behind.
  • Be an active participant in class.  Ask questions when needed.  If you don't know what to ask, describe the concepts giving you trouble.
  • Work math problems to study for a math-based test.  Redo the chapter practices and problems in the notes, and check your work against the correct answers.
  • Go over the test review and oral “test hints” given during the notes.  Do not wait until the night before to study.  Study alone first with no phone or other distractions before you study in a group (if you choose to study in a group).
  • Access “chem web links” page on kwanga.net for interactive tutorials, videos, and worksheets.
  • Complete all optional assignments.  
  • Correct all assignments (“buyback”) to get some points back.
  • Keep binders in order at all times.
  • Make appointment to come in (6:50 - 7:20 a.m.) or (1:55 - 2:30 p.m.) for help.
  • After school tutoring on campus: T/Th, 2:15-4:15 p.m. in room 19-103. Students should bring specific notes and/or assignments.


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