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I have used email to communicate with parents and students since 1997. The Bauck Email Network (B.E.N.) has been in operation since 2000, before school electronic communication became the norm.

Email is a great way to give timely praise, clarification, and general updates. I mass-email updates once a week, and I reply to respondents as the mail comes in. The feedback I receive is worth the time and effort.

Weekly updates are also posted below, but I also email other information which I do not post there, such as test grade spreads and current event article links.

I email EVERY week, usually on Saturdays. If you think you are on my list but have not received any email, let me know. If you are not yet a B.E.N. member, email me at BAUCKL@pcsb.org.


Update 10 (10/19/19)

Hello PHUHS family,

Wish list:  
We are running low on Timothy hay for the guinea pigs.  Thank you for past donations.

A.P. Environmental Science:

         Check kwanga.net for next week's lesson plans and due dates. The second quarter grade book and binder log are uploaded.

         Read over the soil lab manual online.  We will have copies in class for you to use.

         One person per lab group must bring in a local, naturally occurring soil sample by Tuesday. To begin with, about two cups is sufficient.  You need to use the same source of soil throughout the entire lab procedure.     

Chemistry I Honors: 
Check kwanga for next week's lesson plans and due dates. The second quarter grade book and binder log are uploaded.
          Please check if you have a Portal comment on your last test score about the mole math problem.  If you are still having trouble with mole math, come in ASAP to practice.

         HOMEWORK:  Check the new binder log, and discard any papers that are not listed in boldface. I recommend keeping all old test reviews in a pocket or other location, to use when completing the semester exam review.  You may need to refresh your browser to show the updated log sheet.

         HOMEWORK: Students who did not finish the Wave Anatomy activity should complete it this weekend. http://kwanga.net/chemnotes/wave-lab.pdf  We are only doing the five wave drawings.
         HOMEWORK:  Bring the chapter 4 notes and separate Aufbau diagram to class on Monday.

Chemistry parents:
         If your child earned a D (11 students)  or F (4 students) the first quarter, immediate remediation is needed.  The first quarter contains the easiest material we cover all year.  It is nearly impossible to recover from this if students do not come in for help immediately.  I am here to help.  Students who earn a D in honors chemistry first semester will transfer to regular chemistry for second semester.  I don't want that to happen to anyone!   
         "Suggestions for chemistry student success" can be found at this link: http://www.kwanga.net/chem-success.html
         You may want to check the binder score on Focus/Portal, especially if your son or daughter has below a C average in our class.  The binder is supposed to be an easy grade if students do their part.  Students who did not score well on the binder had missing work and/or incomplete practices.  The practice work is crucial for comprehension.  Usually students who are struggling do not score high on the binder.  This is not a coincidence.
         Also, any outside tutors should be on my mailing list so I can correspond with them.  Please email me permission to email them directly about test errors, etc.
        Thank you for your continued involvement in your children’s education.

Stay safe this weekend!

Yours for Better Education,
Lori Bauck
Palm Harbor University High School
National Board Certified Teacher alumna - AYA Science: Chemistry
"Check and Connect" faculty leader
(727) 669-1131  x1302

The VISION of PHUHS is to provide a learning environment that results in a graduation rate of 100% each year.

The MISSION of PHUHS is to educate all students by using effective systems that promote lifelong learning.


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