Mrs. Bauck's Educational Philosophy

I am proud to say I am a teacher; I would not want to do anything else. I became a teacher because I wanted to have a direct effect on motivating and challenging students. For many years, not only have I have taught my students about science but I have been a source of understanding and empathy as well. Being a role model is important to me. My sincerity and dedication toward my students is obvious in how I conduct my classroom atmosphere, and my students can see it clearly. Students know who care about them, both as feeling human beings and as inquisitive minds.

Two themes run through my educational practice: "Know Your Stuff!" and "Know Your Students!"

"Know Your Stuff!" As a science teacher who has taught a variety of science classes at different levels, I must be adept in my field of study. A teacher who is comfortable with the material can anticipate questions and problems, adjusting the classwork accordingly, making smooth transitions. My confidence relaxes the students. I know my subject matter; I love it and it shows. In addition, I am known for my use of humor in the classroom. It helps make difficult topics come alive. I have a multitude of songs and sayings I use in class. It is vital to show how the subject matter relates to everyday life as well. Apathy is born of irrelevance. There is no place for apathy in my classroom.

"Know Your Students!" It is extremely important for me to take an interest in my students' personal well being. Their culture is not foreign to me. They confide in me, looking for help and advice. They know I will always be there for them, to guide them, to hear their complaints and to applaud their accomplishments. For my interest, I am rewarded by the respect and loyalty of my students. They know I care; they know I always will.

High school can be viewed as an educational smorgasbord. Students take courses from a wide variety of backgrounds until they find areas in which to specialize. Many students do not view their high school education as an enriching and relevant experience. Creative and dedicated teachers make the difference. There is no greater reward than to see a student's eyes light up with understanding, or to have a student tell you that you have changed his or her life. Every time that happens to me, I know I am fulfilling my life's purpose.

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