B.E.N. - Bauck Email Network

I have used email to communicate with parents and students since 1997. The Bauck Email Network (B.E.N.) has been in operation since 2000, before school electronic communication became the norm.

Email is a great way to give timely praise, clarification, and general updates. I mass-email updates once a week, and I reply to respondents as the mail comes in. The feedback I receive is worth the time and effort.

Weekly updates are also posted on the Weekly Update page, but I also email other information which I do not post there, such as test grade spreads and current event article links.

I email B.E.N. members EVERY week, usually on the weekends. If you think you are on my list but have not received any email, let me know. If you are not yet a B.E.N. member, email me at BAUCKL@pcsb.org.


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