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After nine enjoyable years of serving as PHUHS senior class sponsor, I decided that the time had come for a change. However, I wanted to stay involved with projects outside my classroom and continue to contribute to my school. Enter Check and Connect.

My role is to recruit teachers to be trained as mentors. Presently PHUHS has more students involved with C&C than any other school in Pinellas County. We need teacher mentors!

Why "Check and Connect"? Simply, because it works.

From the C&C web site:

"The Check & Connect trained mentor continuously:
              Checks on students, assessing their engagement with school and learning through close monitoring of their attendance, behavior, and grades; and
Connects with students, offering individualized intervention in partnership with school personnel, families, and community service providers.

Twenty years of ongoing research documents that Check & Connect interventions yield the following outcomes (see Check & Connect Research Findings):
              INCREASED attendance, persistence in school, accrual of credits, school completion rates
              DECREASED truancy, tardies, behavior referrals, dropout rates


C&C school coordinator - Peggy DuPee
C&C meeting coordinator - Lyann Santana
C&C faculty leader - Lori Bauck


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